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Omron R88M-K Series

Omron R88M-K Series

    • Omron R88M-K Series
    • Omron R88M-K Series
    • Omron R88M-K Series
    • Omron R88M-K Series
    • Omron R88M-K Series
  • Omron R88M-K Series

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Made in Japan
    Brand Name: OMRON
    Certification: All goods we supply are 100% original factory sealed with 1 year warranty!
    Model Number: R88M-K

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
    Price: neogiated
    Packaging Details: 100% original new
    Delivery Time: 2 days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 100 unit
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    Detailed Product Description

    R88M-K Description
    R88M-K05030H 50W,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK05030H)
    R88M-K05030H-B 50W,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK05030HB)
    R88M-K05030H-BOS2 50W,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK05030HBOS2)
    R88M-K05030H-BS2 50W,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK05030HBS2)
    R88M-K05030H-OS2 50W,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK05030HOS2)
    R88M-K05030H-S2 50W,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK05030HS2)
    R88M-K05030T 50W,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK05030T)
    R88M-K05030T-B 50W,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK05030TB)
    R88M-K05030T-BOS2 50W,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK05030TBOS2)
    R88M-K05030T-BS2 50W,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK05030TBS2)
    R88M-K05030T-OS2 50W,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK05030TOS2)
    R88M-K05030T-S2 50W,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK05030TS2)
    R88M-K10030H 100W,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK10030H)
    R88M-K10030H-B 100W,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK10030HB)
    R88M-K10030H-BOS2 100W,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK10030HBOS2)
    R88M-K10030H-BS2 100W,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK10030HBS2)
    R88M-K10030H-OS2 100W,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK10030HOS2)
    R88M-K10030H-S2 100W,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK10030HS2)
    R88M-K10030L 100W,120V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK10030L)
    R88M-K10030L-B 100W,120V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK10030LB)
    R88M-K10030L-BOS2 100W,120V,3000RPM INC BOK MTR (R88MK10030LBOS2)
    R88M-K10030L-BS2 100W,120V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK10030LBS2)
    R88M-K10030L-OS2 100W,120V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK10030LOS2)
    R88M-K10030L-S2 100W,120V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK10030LS2)
    R88M-K10030S 100W,120V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK10030S)
    R88M-K10030S-B 100W,120V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK10030SB)
    R88M-K10030S-BOS2 100W,120V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK10030SBOS2)
    R88M-K10030S-BS2 100W,120V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK10030SBS2)
    R88M-K10030S-OS2 100W,120V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK10030SOS2)
    R88M-K10030S-S2 100W,120V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK10030SS2)
    R88M-K10030T 100W,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK10030T)
    R88M-K10030T-B 100W,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK10030TB)
    R88M-K10030T-BOS2 100W,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK10030TBOS2)
    R88M-K10030T-BS2 100W,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK10030TBS2)
    R88M-K10030T-OS2 100W,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK10030TOS2)
    R88M-K10030T-S2 100W,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK10030TS2)
    R88M-K11K015C-BOS2 11KW,240V,1500RPM ABS BRK G5 M (R88MK11K015CBOS2)
    R88M-K11K015C-BS2 11KW,480V,1500RPM ABS BRK G5 M (R88MK11K015CBS2)
    R88M-K11K015C-S2 11KW,480V,1500RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK11K015CS2)
    R88M-K11K015T-BOS2 MATERIAL ID# 352744 (R88MK11K015TBOS2)
    R88M-K11K015T-BS2 11KW,240V,1500RPM ABS BRK G5 M (R88MK11K015TBS2)
    R88M-K11K015T-S2 11KW,240V,1500RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK11K015TS2)
    R88M-K15K015C-BOS2 MATERIAL ID# 352691 (R88MK15K015CBOS2)
    R88M-K15K015C-BS2 15KW,480V,1500RPM ABS BRK G5 M (R88MK15K015CBS2)
    R88M-K15K015C-S2 15KW,480V,1500RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK15K015CS2)
    R88M-K15K015T-BOS2 MATERIAL ID# 352700 (R88MK15K015TBOS2)
    R88M-K15K015T-BS2 15KW,240V,1500RPM ABS BRK G5 M (R88MK15K015TBS2)
    R88M-K15K015T-S2 15KW,240V,1500RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK15K015TS2)
    R88M-K1K020C 1KW,480V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK1K020C)
    R88M-K1K020C-B 1KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK1K020CB)
    R88M-K1K020C-BOS2 1KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK1K020CBOS2)
    R88M-K1K020C-BS2 1 KW,480V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK1K020CBS2)
    R88M-K1K020C-OS2 1 KW,480V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK1K020COS2)
    R88M-K1K020C-S2 1KW,480V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK1K020CS2)
    R88M-K1K020F 1KW,480V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK1K020F)
    R88M-K1K020F-B 1KW,480V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK1K020FB)
    R88M-K1K020F-BOS2 1KW,480V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK1K020FBOS2)
    R88M-K1K020F-BS2 1KW,480V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK1K020FBS2)
    R88M-K1K020F-OS2 1KW,480V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK1K020FOS2)
    R88M-K1K020F-S2 1KW,480V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK1K020FS2)
    R88M-K1K020H 1KW,240V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK1K020H)
    R88M-K1K020H-B 1KW,240V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK1K020HB)
    R88M-K1K020H-BOS2 1KW,240V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK1K020HBOS2)
    R88M-K1K020H-BS2 1KW,240V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK1K020HBS2)
    R88M-K1K020H-OS2 1KW,240V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK1K020HOS2)
    R88M-K1K020H-S2 1KW,240V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK1K020HS2)
    R88M-K1K020T 1KW,240V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK1K020T)
    R88M-K1K020T-B 1KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK1K020TB)
    R88M-K1K020T-BOS2 1KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK1K020TBOS2)
    R88M-K1K020T-BS2 1 KW,240V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK1K020TBS2)
    R88M-K1K020T-OS2 1 KW,240V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK1K020TOS2)
    R88M-K1K020T-S2 1KW,240V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK1K020TS2)
    R88M-K1K030C 1KW,480V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK1K030C)
    R88M-K1K030C-B 1KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK1K030CB)
    R88M-K1K030C-BOS2 1KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK1K030CBOS2)
    R88M-K1K030C-BS2 1 KW,480V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK1K030CBS2)
    R88M-K1K030C-OS2 1 KW,480V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK1K030COS2)
    R88M-K1K030C-S2 1KW,480V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK1K030CS2)
    R88M-K1K030F 1KW,480V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK1K030F)
    R88M-K1K030F-B 1KW,480V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK1K030FB)
    R88M-K1K030F-BOS2 1KW,480V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK1K030FBOS2)
    R88M-K1K030F-BS2 1KW,480V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK1K030FBS2)
    R88M-K1K030F-OS2 1KW,480V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK1K030FOS2)
    R88M-K1K030F-S2 1KW,480V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK1K030FS2)
    R88M-K1K030H 1KW,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK1K030H)
    R88M-K1K030H-B 1KW,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK1K030HB)
    R88M-K1K030H-BOS2 1KW,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK1K030HBOS2)
    R88M-K1K030H-BS2 1KW,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK1K030HBS2)
    R88M-K1K030H-OS2 1KW,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK1K030HOS2)
    R88M-K1K030H-S2 1KW,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK1K030HS2)
    R88M-K1K030T 1KW,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK1K030T)
    R88M-K1K030T-B 1KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK1K030TB)
    R88M-K1K030T-BOS2 1KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK1K030TBOS2)
    R88M-K1K030T-BS2 1 KW,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK1K030TBS2)
    R88M-K1K030T-OS2 1 KW,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK1K030TOS2)
    R88M-K1K030T-S2 1KW,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK1K030TS2)
    R88M-K1K520C 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK1K520C)
    R88M-K1K520C-B 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK1K520CB)
    R88M-K1K520C-BOS2 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK1K520CBOS2)
    R88M-K1K520C-BS2 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK1K520CBS2)
    R88M-K1K520C-OS2 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK1K520COS2)
    R88M-K1K520C-S2 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK1K520CS2)
    R88M-K1K520F 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK1K520F)
    R88M-K1K520F-B 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK1K520FB)
    R88M-K1K520F-BOS2 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK1K520FBOS2)
    R88M-K1K520F-BS2 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK1K520FBS2)
    R88M-K1K520F-OS2 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK1K520FOS2)
    R88M-K1K520F-S2 1.5KW,480V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK1K520FS2)
    R88M-K1K520H 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK1K520H)
    R88M-K1K520H-B 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK1K520HB)
    R88M-K1K520H-BOS2 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK1K520HBOS2)
    R88M-K1K520H-BS2 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK1K520HBS2)
    R88M-K1K520H-OS2 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK1K520HOS2)
    R88M-K1K520H-S2 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK1K520HS2)
    R88M-K1K520T 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK1K520T)
    R88M-K1K520T-B 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK1K520TB)
    R88M-K1K520T-BOS2 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK1K520TBOS2)
    R88M-K1K520T-BS2 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK1K520TBS2)
    R88M-K1K520T-OS2 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK1K520TOS2)
    R88M-K1K520T-S2 1.5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK1K520TS2)
    R88M-K1K530C 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK1K530C)
    R88M-K1K530C-B 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK1K530CB)
    R88M-K1K530C-BOS2 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK1K530CBOS2)
    R88M-K1K530C-BS2 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK1K530CBS2)
    R88M-K1K530C-OS2 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK1K530COS2)
    R88M-K1K530C-S2 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK1K530CS2)
    R88M-K1K530F 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK1K530F)
    R88M-K1K530F-B 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK1K530FB)
    R88M-K1K530F-BOS2 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK1K530FBOS2)
    R88M-K1K530F-BS2 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK1K530FBS2)
    R88M-K1K530F-OS2 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK1K530FOS2)
    R88M-K1K530F-S2 1.5KW,480V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK1K530FS2)
    R88M-K1K530H 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK1K530H)
    R88M-K1K530H-B 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK1K530HB)
    R88M-K1K530H-BOS2 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK1K530HBOS2)
    R88M-K1K530H-BS2 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK1K530HBS2)
    R88M-K1K530H-OS2 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK1K530HOS2)
    R88M-K1K530H-S2 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK1K530HS2)
    R88M-K1K530T 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK1K530T)
    R88M-K1K530T-B 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK1K530TB)
    R88M-K1K530T-BOS2 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK1K530TBOS2)
    R88M-K1K530T-BS2 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK1K530TBS2)
    R88M-K1K530T-OS2 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK1K530TOS2)
    R88M-K1K530T-S2 1.5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK1K530TS2)
    R88M-K20030H 200W,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK20030H)
    R88M-K20030H-B 200W,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK20030HB)
    R88M-K20030H-BOS2 200W,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK20030HBOS2)
    R88M-K20030H-BS2 200W,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK20030HBS2)
    R88M-K20030H-OS2 200W,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK20030HOS2)
    R88M-K20030H-S2 200W,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK20030HS2)
    R88M-K20030H-S2-SAMPL R88M-K20030H-S2-SAMPL (R88MK20030HS2SAMPL)
    R88M-K20030L 200W,120V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK20030L)
    R88M-K20030L-B 200W,120V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK20030LB)
    R88M-K20030L-BOS2 200W,120V,3000RPM INC BOK MTR (R88MK20030LBOS2)
    R88M-K20030L-BS2 200W,120V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK20030LBS2)
    R88M-K20030L-OS2 200W,120V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK20030LOS2)
    R88M-K20030L-S2 200W,120V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK20030LS2)
    R88M-K20030S 200W,120V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK20030S)
    R88M-K20030S-B 200W,120V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK20030SB)
    R88M-K20030S-BOS2 200W,120V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK20030SBOS2)
    R88M-K20030S-BS2 200W,120V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK20030SBS2)
    R88M-K20030S-OS2 200W,120V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK20030SOS2)
    R88M-K20030S-S2 200W,120V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK20030SS2)
    R88M-K20030T 200W,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK20030T)
    R88M-K20030T-B 200W,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK20030TB)
    R88M-K20030T-BOS2 200W,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK20030TBOS2)
    R88M-K20030T-BS2 200W,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK20030TBS2)
    R88M-K20030T-OS2 200W,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK20030TOS2)
    R88M-K20030T-S2 200W,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK20030TS2)
    R88M-K2K010C 2KW,480V,1000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK2K010C)
    R88M-K2K010C-B 2KW,480V,1000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK2K010CB)
    R88M-K2K010C-BOS2 2KW,480V,1000RPM ABS BKO MTR (R88MK2K010CBOS2)
    R88M-K2K010C-BS2 2KW,480V,1000RPM B ABS K MTR (R88MK2K010CBS2)
    R88M-K2K010C-OS2 2KW,480V,1000RPM ABS KO MTR (R88MK2K010COS2)
    R88M-K2K010C-S2 2KW,480V,1000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK2K010CS2)
    R88M-K2K010F 2KW,480V,1000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK2K010F)
    R88M-K2K010F-B 2KW,480V,1000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK2K010FB)
    R88M-K2K010F-BOS2 2KW,480V,1000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK2K010FBOS2)
    R88M-K2K010F-BS2 2KW,480V,1000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK2K010FBS2)
    R88M-K2K010F-OS2 2KW,480V,1000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK2K010FOS2)
    R88M-K2K010F-S2 2KW,480V,1000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK2K010FS2)
    R88M-K2K010H 2KW,240V,1000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK2K010H)
    R88M-K2K010H-B 2KW,240V,1000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK2K010HB)
    R88M-K2K010H-BOS2 2KW,240V,1000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK2K010HBOS2)
    R88M-K2K010H-BS2 2KW,240V,1000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK2K010HBS2)
    R88M-K2K010H-OS2 2KW,240V,1000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK2K010HOS2)
    R88M-K2K010H-S2 2KW,240V,1000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK2K010HS2)
    R88M-K2K010T 2KW,240V,1000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK2K010T)
    R88M-K2K010T-B 2KW,240V,1000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK2K010TB)
    R88M-K2K010T-BOS2 2KW,240V,1000RPM ABS BKO MTR (R88MK2K010TBOS2)
    R88M-K2K010T-BS2 2KW,240V,1000RPM B ABS K MTR (R88MK2K010TBS2)
    R88M-K2K010T-OS2 2KW,240V,1000RPM ABS KO MTR (R88MK2K010TOS2)
    R88M-K2K010T-S2 2KW,240V,1000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK2K010TS2)
    R88M-K2K020C 2KW,480V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK2K020C)
    R88M-K2K020C-B 2KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK2K020CB)
    R88M-K2K020C-BOS2 2KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK2K020CBOS2)
    R88M-K2K020C-BS2 2KW,480V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK2K020CBS2)
    R88M-K2K020C-OS2 2KW,480V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK2K020COS2)
    R88M-K2K020C-S2 2KW,480V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK2K020CS2)
    R88M-K2K020F 2KW,480V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK2K020F)
    R88M-K2K020F-B 2KW,480V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK2K020FB)
    R88M-K2K020F-BOS2 2KW,480V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK2K020FBOS2)
    R88M-K2K020F-BS2 2KW,480V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK2K020FBS2)
    R88M-K2K020F-OS2 2KW,480V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK2K020FOS2)
    R88M-K2K020F-S2 2KW,480V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK2K020FS2)
    R88M-K2K020H 2KW,240V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK2K020H)
    R88M-K2K020H-B 2KW,240V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK2K020HB)
    R88M-K2K020H-BOS2 2KW,240V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK2K020HBOS2)
    R88M-K2K020H-BS2 2KW,240V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK2K020HBS2)
    R88M-K2K020H-OS2 2KW,240V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK2K020HOS2)
    R88M-K2K020H-S2 2KW,240V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK2K020HS2)
    R88M-K2K020T 2KW,240V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK2K020T)
    R88M-K2K020T-B 2KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK2K020TB)
    R88M-K2K020T-BOS2 2KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK2K020TBOS2)
    R88M-K2K020T-BS2 2KW,240V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK2K020TBS2)
    R88M-K2K020T-OS2 2KW,240V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK2K020TOS2)
    R88M-K2K020T-S2 2KW,240V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK2K020TS2)
    R88M-K2K030C 2KW,480V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK2K030C)
    R88M-K2K030C-B 2KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK2K030CB)
    R88M-K2K030C-BOS2 2KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK2K030CBOS2)
    R88M-K2K030C-BS2 2KW,480V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK2K030CBS2)
    R88M-K2K030C-OS2 2KW,480V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK2K030COS2)
    R88M-K2K030C-S2 2KW,480V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK2K030CS2)
    R88M-K2K030F 2KW,480V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK2K030F)
    R88M-K2K030F-B 2KW,480V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK2K030FB)
    R88M-K2K030F-BOS2 2KW,480V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK2K030FBOS2)
    R88M-K2K030F-BS2 2KW,480V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK2K030FBS2)
    R88M-K2K030F-OS2 2KW,480V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK2K030FOS2)
    R88M-K2K030F-S2 2KW,480V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK2K030FS2)
    R88M-K2K030H 2KW,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK2K030H)
    R88M-K2K030H-B 2KW,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK2K030HB)
    R88M-K2K030H-BOS2 2KW,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK2K030HBOS2)
    R88M-K2K030H-BS2 2KW,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK2K030HBS2)
    R88M-K2K030H-OS2 2KW,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK2K030HOS2)
    R88M-K2K030H-S2 2KW,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK2K030HS2)
    R88M-K2K030T 2KW,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK2K030T)
    R88M-K2K030T-B 2KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK2K030TB)
    R88M-K2K030T-BOS2 2KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK2K030TBOS2)
    R88M-K2K030T-BS2 2KW,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK2K030TBS2)
    R88M-K2K030T-OS2 2KW,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK2K030TOS2)
    R88M-K2K030T-S2 2KW,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK2K030TS2)
    R88M-K3K010C 3KW,480V,1000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK3K010C)
    R88M-K3K010C-B 3KW,480V,1000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK3K010CB)
    R88M-K3K010C-BOS2 3KW,480V,1000RPM ABS BKO MTR (R88MK3K010CBOS2)
    R88M-K3K010C-BS2 3KW,480V,1000RPM B ABS K MTR (R88MK3K010CBS2)
    R88M-K3K010C-OS2 3KW,480V,1000RPM ABS KO MTR (R88MK3K010COS2)
    R88M-K3K010C-S2 3KW,480V,1000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK3K010CS2)
    R88M-K3K010F 3KW,480V,1000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK3K010F)
    R88M-K3K010F-B 3KW,480V,1000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK3K010FB)
    R88M-K3K010F-BOS2 3KW,480V,1000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK3K010FBOS2)
    R88M-K3K010F-BS2 3KW,480V,1000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK3K010FBS2)
    R88M-K3K010F-OS2 3KW,480V,1000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK3K010FOS2)
    R88M-K3K010F-S2 3KW,480V,1000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK3K010FS2)
    R88M-K3K010H 3KW,240V,1000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK3K010H)
    R88M-K3K010H-B 3KW,240V,1000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK3K010HB)
    R88M-K3K010H-BOS2 3KW,240V,1000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK3K010HBOS2)
    R88M-K3K010H-BS2 3KW,240V,1000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK3K010HBS2)
    R88M-K3K010H-OS2 3KW,240V,1000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK3K010HOS2)
    R88M-K3K010H-S2 3KW,240V,1000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK3K010HS2)
    R88M-K3K010T 3KW,240V,1000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK3K010T)
    R88M-K3K010T-B 3KW,240V,1000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK3K010TB)
    R88M-K3K010T-BOS2 3KW,240V,1000RPM ABS BKO MTR (R88MK3K010TBOS2)
    R88M-K3K010T-BS2 3KW,240V,1000RPM B ABS K MTR (R88MK3K010TBS2)
    R88M-K3K010T-OS2 3KW,240V,1000RPM ABS KO MTR (R88MK3K010TOS2)
    R88M-K3K010T-S2 3KW,240V,1000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK3K010TS2)
    R88M-K3K020C 3KW,480V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK3K020C)
    R88M-K3K020C-B 3KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK3K020CB)
    R88M-K3K020C-BOS2 3KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK3K020CBOS2)
    R88M-K3K020C-BS2 3KW,480V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK3K020CBS2)
    R88M-K3K020C-OS2 3KW,480V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK3K020COS2)
    R88M-K3K020C-S2 3KW,480V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK3K020CS2)
    R88M-K3K020F 3KW,480V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK3K020F)
    R88M-K3K020F-B 3KW,480V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK3K020FB)
    R88M-K3K020F-BOS2 3KW,480V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK3K020FBOS2)
    R88M-K3K020F-BS2 3KW,480V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK3K020FBS2)
    R88M-K3K020F-OS2 3KW,480V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK3K020FOS2)
    R88M-K3K020F-S2 3KW,480V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK3K020FS2)
    R88M-K3K020H 3KW,240V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK3K020H)
    R88M-K3K020H-B 3KW,240V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK3K020HB)
    R88M-K3K020H-BOS2 3KW,240V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK3K020HBOS2)
    R88M-K3K020H-BS2 3KW,240V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK3K020HBS2)
    R88M-K3K020H-OS2 3KW,240V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK3K020HOS2)
    R88M-K3K020H-S2 3KW,240V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK3K020HS2)
    R88M-K3K020T 3KW,240V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK3K020T)
    R88M-K3K020T-B 3KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK3K020TB)
    R88M-K3K020T-BOS2 3KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK3K020TBOS2)
    R88M-K3K020T-BS2 3KW,240V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK3K020TBS2)
    R88M-K3K020T-OS2 3KW,240V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK3K020TOS2)
    R88M-K3K020T-S2 3KW,240V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK3K020TS2)
    R88M-K3K030C 3KW,480V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK3K030C)
    R88M-K3K030C-B 3KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK3K030CB)
    R88M-K3K030C-BOS2 3KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK3K030CBOS2)
    R88M-K3K030C-BS2 3KW,480V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK3K030CBS2)
    R88M-K3K030C-OS2 3KW,480V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK3K030COS2)
    R88M-K3K030C-S2 3KW,480V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK3K030CS2)
    R88M-K3K030F 3KW,480V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK3K030F)
    R88M-K3K030F-B 3KW,480V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK3K030FB)
    R88M-K3K030F-BOS2 3KW,480V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK3K030FBOS2)
    R88M-K3K030F-BS2 3KW,480V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK3K030FBS2)
    R88M-K3K030F-OS2 3KW,480V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK3K030FOS2)
    R88M-K3K030F-S2 3KW,480V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK3K030FS2)
    R88M-K3K030H 3KW,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK3K030H)
    R88M-K3K030H-B 3KW,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK3K030HB)
    R88M-K3K030H-BOS2 3KW,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK3K030HBOS2)
    R88M-K3K030H-BS2 3KW,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK3K030HBS2)
    R88M-K3K030H-OS2 3KW,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK3K030HOS2)
    R88M-K3K030H-S2 3KW,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK3K030HS2)
    R88M-K3K030T 3KW,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK3K030T)
    R88M-K3K030T-B 3KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK3K030TB)
    R88M-K3K030T-BOS2 3KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK3K030TBOS2)
    R88M-K3K030T-BS2 3KW,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK3K030TBS2)
    R88M-K3K030T-OS2 3KW,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK3K030TOS2)
    R88M-K3K030T-S2 3KW,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK3K030TS2)
    R88M-K40020C 400W,480V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK40020C)
    R88M-K40020C-B 400W,480V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK40020CB)
    R88M-K40020C-BOS2 400W,480V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK40020CBOS2)
    R88M-K40020C-BS2 400W,480V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK40020CBS2)
    R88M-K40020C-OS2 400W,480V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK40020COS2)
    R88M-K40020C-S2 400W,480V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK40020CS2)
    R88M-K40020F 400W,480V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK40020F)
    R88M-K40020F-B 400W,480V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK40020FB)
    R88M-K40020F-BOS2 400W,480V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK40020FBOS2)
    R88M-K40020F-BS2 400W,480V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK40020FBS2)
    R88M-K40020F-OS2 400W,480V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK40020FOS2)
    R88M-K40020F-S2 400W,480V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK40020FS2)
    R88M-K40030H 400W,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK40030H)
    R88M-K40030H-B 400W,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK40030HB)
    R88M-K40030H-BOS2 400W,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK40030HBOS2)
    R88M-K40030H-BS2 400W,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK40030HBS2)
    R88M-K40030H-OS2 400W,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK40030HOS2)
    R88M-K40030H-S2 400W,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK40030HS2)
    R88M-K40030L 400W,120V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK40030L)
    R88M-K40030L-B 400W,120V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK40030LB)
    R88M-K40030L-BOS2 400W,120V,3000RPM INC BOK MTR (R88MK40030LBOS2)
    R88M-K40030L-BS2 400W,120V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK40030LBS2)
    R88M-K40030L-OS2 400W,120V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK40030LOS2)
    R88M-K40030L-S2 400W,120V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK40030LS2)
    R88M-K40030S 400W,120V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK40030S)
    R88M-K40030S-B 400W,120V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK40030SB)
    R88M-K40030S-BOS2 400W,120V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK40030SBOS2)
    R88M-K40030S-BS2 400W,120V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK40030SBS2)
    R88M-K40030S-OS2 400W,120V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK40030SOS2)
    R88M-K40030S-S2 400W,120V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK40030SS2)
    R88M-K40030T 400W,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK40030T)
    R88M-K40030T-B 400W,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK40030TB)
    R88M-K40030T-BOS2 400W,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK40030TBOS2)
    R88M-K40030T-BS2 400W,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK40030TBS2)
    R88M-K40030T-OS2 400W,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK40030TOS2)
    R88M-K40030T-S2 400W,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK40030TS2)
    R88M-K4K020C 4KW,480V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK4K020C)
    R88M-K4K020C-B 4KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK4K020CB)
    R88M-K4K020C-BOS2 4KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK4K020CBOS2)
    R88M-K4K020C-BS2 4KW,480V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK4K020CBS2)
    R88M-K4K020C-OS2 4KW,480V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK4K020COS2)
    R88M-K4K020C-S2 4KW,480V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK4K020CS2)
    R88M-K4K020F 4KW,480V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK4K020F)
    R88M-K4K020F-B 4KW,480V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK4K020FB)
    R88M-K4K020F-BOS2 4KW,480V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK4K020FBOS2)
    R88M-K4K020F-BS2 4KW,480V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK4K020FBS2)
    R88M-K4K020F-OS2 4KW,480V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK4K020FOS2)
    R88M-K4K020F-S2 4KW,480V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK4K020FS2)
    R88M-K4K020H 4KW,240V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK4K020H)
    R88M-K4K020H-B 4KW,240V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK4K020HB)
    R88M-K4K020H-BOS2 4KW,240V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK4K020HBOS2)
    R88M-K4K020H-BS2 4KW,240V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK4K020HBS2)
    R88M-K4K020H-OS2 4KW,240V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK4K020HOS2)
    R88M-K4K020H-S2 4KW,240V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK4K020HS2)
    R88M-K4K020T 4KW,240V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK4K020T)
    R88M-K4K020T-B 4KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK4K020TB)
    R88M-K4K020T-BOS2 4KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK4K020TBOS2)
    R88M-K4K020T-BS2 4KW,240V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK4K020TBS2)
    R88M-K4K020T-OS2 4KW,240V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK4K020TOS2)
    R88M-K4K020T-S2 4KW,240V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK4K020TS2)
    R88M-K4K030C 4KW,480V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK4K030C)
    R88M-K4K030C-B 4KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK4K030CB)
    R88M-K4K030C-BOS2 4KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK4K030CBOS2)
    R88M-K4K030C-BS2 4KW,480V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK4K030CBS2)
    R88M-K4K030C-OS2 4KW,480V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK4K030COS2)
    R88M-K4K030C-S2 4KW,480V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK4K030CS2)
    R88M-K4K030F 4KW,480V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK4K030F)
    R88M-K4K030F-B 4KW,480V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK4K030FB)
    R88M-K4K030F-BOS2 4KW,480V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK4K030FBOS2)
    R88M-K4K030F-BS2 4KW,480V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK4K030FBS2)
    R88M-K4K030F-OS2 4KW,480V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK4K030FOS2)
    R88M-K4K030F-S2 4KW,480V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK4K030FS2)
    R88M-K4K030H 4KW,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK4K030H)
    R88M-K4K030H-B 4KW,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK4K030HB)
    R88M-K4K030H-BOS2 4KW,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK4K030HBOS2)
    R88M-K4K030H-BS2 4KW,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK4K030HBS2)
    R88M-K4K030H-OS2 4KW,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK4K030HOS2)
    R88M-K4K030H-S2 4KW,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK4K030HS2)
    R88M-K4K030T 4KW,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK4K030T)
    R88M-K4K030T-B 4KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK4K030TB)
    R88M-K4K030T-BOS2 4KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK4K030TBOS2)
    R88M-K4K030T-BS2 4KW,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK4K030TBS2)
    R88M-K4K030T-OS2 4KW,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK4K030TOS2)
    R88M-K4K030T-S2 4KW,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK4K030TS2)
    R88M-K4K510C-BS2 4.5KW,480V,1000RPM ABS KO MTR (R88MK4K510CBS2)
    R88M-K4K510C-S2 MATERIAL ID# 356385 (R88MK4K510CS2)
    R88M-K4K510T-BS2 SERVO MOTOR 3PH 29.7AMP 87VAC 1000RPM (R88MK4K510TBS2)
    R88M-K5K020C 5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK5K020C)
    R88M-K5K020C-B 5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK5K020CB)
    R88M-K5K020C-BOS2 5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK5K020CBOS2)
    R88M-K5K020C-BS2 5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK5K020CBS2)
    R88M-K5K020C-OS2 5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK5K020COS2)
    R88M-K5K020C-S2 5KW,480V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK5K020CS2)
    R88M-K5K020F 5KW,480V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK5K020F)
    R88M-K5K020F-B 5KW,480V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK5K020FB)
    R88M-K5K020F-BOS2 5KW,480V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK5K020FBOS2)
    R88M-K5K020F-BS2 5KW,480V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK5K020FBS2)
    R88M-K5K020F-OS2 5KW,480V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK5K020FOS2)
    R88M-K5K020F-S2 5KW,480V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK5K020FS2)
    R88M-K5K020H 5KW,240V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK5K020H)
    R88M-K5K020H-B 5KW,240V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK5K020HB)
    R88M-K5K020H-BOS2 5KW,240V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK5K020HBOS2)
    R88M-K5K020H-BS2 5KW,240V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK5K020HBS2)
    R88M-K5K020H-OS2 5KW,240V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK5K020HOS2)
    R88M-K5K020H-S2 5KW,240V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK5K020HS2)
    R88M-K5K020T 5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK5K020T)
    R88M-K5K020T-B 5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK5K020TB)
    R88M-K5K020T-BOS2 5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK5K020TBOS2)
    R88M-K5K020T-BS2 5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK5K020TBS2)
    R88M-K5K020T-OS2 5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK5K020TOS2)
    R88M-K5K020T-S2 5KW,240V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK5K020TS2)
    R88M-K5K030C 5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK5K030C)
    R88M-K5K030C-B 5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK5K030CB)
    R88M-K5K030C-BOS2 5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK5K030CBOS2)
    R88M-K5K030C-BS2 5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK5K030CBS2)
    R88M-K5K030C-OS2 5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK5K030COS2)
    R88M-K5K030C-S2 5KW,480V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK5K030CS2)
    R88M-K5K030F 5KW,480V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK5K030F)
    R88M-K5K030F-B 5KW,480V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK5K030FB)
    R88M-K5K030F-BOS2 5KW,480V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK5K030FBOS2)
    R88M-K5K030F-BS2 5KW,480V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK5K030FBS2)
    R88M-K5K030F-OS2 5KW,480V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK5K030FOS2)
    R88M-K5K030F-S2 5KW,480V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK5K030FS2)
    R88M-K5K030H 5KW,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK5K030H)
    R88M-K5K030H-B 5KW,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK5K030HB)
    R88M-K5K030H-BOS2 5KW,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK5K030HBOS2)
    R88M-K5K030H-BS2 5KW,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK5K030HBS2)
    R88M-K5K030H-OS2 5KW,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK5K030HOS2)
    R88M-K5K030H-S2 5KW,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK5K030HS2)
    R88M-K5K030T 5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK5K030T)
    R88M-K5K030T-B 5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK5K030TB)
    R88M-K5K030T-BOS2 5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK5K030TBOS2)
    R88M-K5K030T-BS2 5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK5K030TBS2)
    R88M-K5K030T-OS2 5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK5K030TOS2)
    R88M-K5K030T-S2 5KW,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK5K030TS2)
    R88M-K60020C 600W,480V,2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK60020C)
    R88M-K60020C-B 600W,480V,2000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK60020CB)
    R88M-K60020C-BOS2 600W,480V,2000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK60020CBOS2)
    R88M-K60020C-BS2 600W,480V,2000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK60020CBS2)
    R88M-K60020C-OS2 600W,480V,2000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK60020COS2)
    R88M-K60020C-S2 600W,480V,2000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK60020CS2)
    R88M-K60020F 600W,480V,2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK60020F)
    R88M-K60020F-B 600W,480V,2000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK60020FB)
    R88M-K60020F-BOS2 600W,480V,2000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK60020FBOS2)
    R88M-K60020F-BS2 600W,480V,2000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK60020FBS2)
    R88M-K60020F-OS2 600W,480V,2000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK60020FOS2)
    R88M-K60020F-S2 600W,480V,2000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK60020FS2)
    R88M-K6K010C-B 6KW,400V,1KRPM G5 ABS M/BRK (R88MK6K010CB)
    R88M-K6K010C-BOS2 6KW,400V,1KRPM G5 K ABS M/BK O (R88MK6K010CBOS2)
    R88M-K6K010C-BS2 6KW,400V,1KRPM G5 K ABS M/BRK (R88MK6K010CBS2)
    R88M-K6K010C-S2 6KW,400V,1KRPM G5 INC MOT (R88MK6K010CS2)
    R88M-K6K010T-BOS2 MATERIAL ID# 352698 (R88MK6K010TBOS2)
    R88M-K6K010T-S2 MATERIAL ID# 352692 (R88MK6K010TS2)
    R88M-K75030C 750W,480V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK75030C)
    R88M-K75030C-B 750W,480V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK75030CB)
    R88M-K75030C-BOS2 750W,480V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK75030CBOS2)
    R88M-K75030C-BS2 750W,480V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK75030CBS2)
    R88M-K75030C-OS2 750W,480V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK75030COS2)
    R88M-K75030C-S2 750W,480V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK75030CS2)
    R88M-K75030F 750W,480V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK75030F)
    R88M-K75030F-B 750W,480V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK75030FB)
    R88M-K75030F-BOS2 750W,480V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK75030FBOS2)
    R88M-K75030F-BS2 750W,480V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK75030FBS2)
    R88M-K75030F-OS2 750W,480V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK75030FOS2)
    R88M-K75030F-S2 750W,480V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK75030FS2)
    R88M-K75030H 750W,240V,3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK75030H)
    R88M-K75030H-B 750W,240V,3000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK75030HB)
    R88M-K75030H-BOS2 750W,240V,3000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK75030HBOS2)
    R88M-K75030H-BS2 750W,240V,3000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK75030HBS2)
    R88M-K75030H-OS2 750W,240V,3000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK75030HOS2)
    R88M-K75030H-S2 750W,240V,3000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK75030HS2)
    R88M-K75030T 750W,240V,3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK75030T)
    R88M-K75030T-B 750W,240V,3000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK75030TB)
    R88M-K75030T-BOS2 750W,240V,3000RPM ABS BOK MTR (R88MK75030TBOS2)
    R88M-K75030T-BS2 750W,240V,3000RPM ABS B K MTR (R88MK75030TBS2)
    R88M-K75030T-OS2 750W,240V,3000RPM ABS O K MTR (R88MK75030TOS2)
    R88M-K75030T-S2 750W,240V,3000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK75030TS2)
    R88M-K7K515C-BOS2 MATERIAL ID# 352702 (R88MK7K515CBOS2)
    R88M-K7K515C-BS2 7.5KW,480V,1500RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MK7K515CBS2)
    R88M-K7K515C-OS2 7.5KW, 480V, 1500RPM, ABS OIL (R88MK7K515COS2)
    R88M-K7K515C-S2 7.5KW,480V,1500RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK7K515CS2)
    R88M-K7K515C-S2 SAMPLE MATERIAL ID# 350236 (R88MK7K515CS2 SAMPLE)
    R88M-K7K515T-BOS2 MATERIAL ID# 352699 (R88MK7K515TBOS2)
    R88M-K90010C 900W,480V,1000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK90010C)
    R88M-K90010C-B 900W,480V,1000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK90010CB)
    R88M-K90010C-BOS2 900W,480V,1000RPM ABS BKO MTR (R88MK90010CBOS2)
    R88M-K90010C-BS2 900W,480V,1000RPM B ABS K MTR (R88MK90010CBS2)
    R88M-K90010C-OS2 900W,480V,1000RPM ABS KO MTR (R88MK90010COS2)
    R88M-K90010C-S2 900W,480V,1000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK90010CS2)
    R88M-K90010F 900W,480V,1000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK90010F)
    R88M-K90010F-B 900W,480V,1000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK90010FB)
    R88M-K90010F-BOS2 900W,480V,1000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK90010FBOS2)
    R88M-K90010F-BS2 900W,480V,1000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK90010FBS2)
    R88M-K90010F-OS2 900W,480V,1000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK90010FOS2)
    R88M-K90010F-S2 900W,480V,1000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK90010FS2)
    R88M-K90010H 900W,240V,1000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MK90010H)
    R88M-K90010H-B 900W,240V,1000RPM INC BRK MTR (R88MK90010HB)
    R88M-K90010H-BOS2 900W,240V,1000RPM INC BKO MTR (R88MK90010HBOS2)
    R88M-K90010H-BS2 900W,240V,1000RPM B INC K MTR (R88MK90010HBS2)
    R88M-K90010H-OS2 900W,240V,1000RPM INC KO MTR (R88MK90010HOS2)
    R88M-K90010H-S2 900W,240V,1000RPM INC K MTR (R88MK90010HS2)
    R88M-K90010T 900W,240V,1000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MK90010T)
    R88M-K90010T-B 900W,240V,1000RPM ABS BRK MTR (R88MK90010TB)
    R88M-K90010T-BOS2 900W,240V,1000RPM ABS BKO MTR (R88MK90010TBOS2)
    R88M-K90010T-BS2 900W,240V,1000RPM B ABS K MTR (R88MK90010TBS2)
    R88M-K90010T-OS2 900W,240V,1000RPM ABS KO MTR (R88MK90010TOS2)
    R88M-K90010T-S2 900W,240V,1000RPM ABS K MTR (R88MK90010TS2)
    R88M-KH1K020C-BS1 1KW 480V 2000RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH1K020CBS1)
    R88M-KH1K020C-S1 1KW 480V 2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH1K020CS1)
    R88M-KH1K020F-BS1 1KW 480V 2000RPM INC BRK G5 (R88MKH1K020FBS1)
    R88M-KH1K020F-S1 1KW 480V 2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MKH1K020FS1)
    R88M-KH1K520C-BS1 1.5KW 480V 2000RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH1K520CBS1)
    R88M-KH1K520C-S1 1.5KW 480V 2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH1K520CS1)
    R88M-KH1K520F-BS1 1.5KW 480V 2000RPM INC BRK G5 (R88MKH1K520FBS1)
    R88M-KH1K520F-S1 1.5KW 480V 2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MKH1K520FS1)
    R88M-KH20030H-BS2-D 200W 240V 3000RPM INC BRK G5 (R88MKH20030HBS2D)
    R88M-KH20030H-S2-D 200W 240V 3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MKH20030HS2D)
    R88M-KH20030T-BS2-D 200W 240V 3000RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH20030TBS2D)
    R88M-KH20030T-S2-D 200W 240V 3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH20030TS2D)
    R88M-KH2K020C-BS1 2KW 480V 2000RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH2K020CBS1)
    R88M-KH2K020C-S1 2KW 480V 2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH2K020CS1)
    R88M-KH2K020F-BS1 2KW 480V 2000RPM INC BRK G5 (R88MKH2K020FBS1)
    R88M-KH2K020F-S1 2KW 480V 2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MKH2K020FS1)
    R88M-KH3K020C-BS1 3KW 480V 2000RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH3K020CBS1)
    R88M-KH3K020C-S1 3KW 480V 2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH3K020CS1)
    R88M-KH3K020F-BS1 3KW 480V 2000RPM INC BRK G5 (R88MKH3K020FBS1)
    R88M-KH3K020F-S1 3KW 480V 2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MKH3K020FS1)
    R88M-KH40030H-BS2-D 480W 240V 3000RPM INC BRK G5 (R88MKH40030HBS2D)
    R88M-KH40030H-S2-D 480W 240V 3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MKH40030HS2D)
    R88M-KH40030T-BS2-D 480W 240V 3000RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH40030TBS2D)
    R88M-KH40030T-S2-D 480W 240V 3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH40030TS2D)
    R88M-KH4K020C-BS1 4KW 480V 2000RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH4K020CBS1)
    R88M-KH4K020C-S1 4KW 480V 2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH4K020CS1)
    R88M-KH4K020F-BS1 4KW 480V 2000RPM INC BRK G5 (R88MKH4K020FBS1)
    R88M-KH4K020F-S1 4KW 480V 2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MKH4K020FS1)
    R88M-KH5K020C-BS1 5KW 480V 2000RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH5K020CBS1)
    R88M-KH5K020C-S1 5KW 480V 2000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH5K020CS1)
    R88M-KH5K020F-BS1 5KW 480V 2000RPM INC BRK G5 (R88MKH5K020FBS1)
    R88M-KH5K020F-S1 5KW 480V 2000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MKH5K020FS1)
    R88M-KH75030H-BS2-D 750W 240V 3000RPM INC BRK G5 (R88MKH75030HBS2D)
    R88M-KH75030H-S2-D 750W 240V 3000RPM INC G5 MTR (R88MKH75030HS2D)
    R88M-KH75030T-BS2-D 750W 240V 3000RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH75030TBS2D)
    R88M-KH75030T-S2-D 750W 240V 3000RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH75030TS2D)
    R88M-KH7K515C-BS1 7.5KW 1500RPM ABS BRK G5 (R88MKH7K515CBS1)
    R88M-KH7K515C-S1 7.5KW 1500RPM ABS G5 MTR (R88MKH7K515CS1)

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