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ACS800 series drive

ACS800 series drive

    • ACS800 series drive
    • ACS800 series drive
  • ACS800 series drive

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    Place of Origin: Made in China
    Brand Name: ABB
    Certification: All goods we supply are 100% original factory sealed with 1 year warranty!
    Model Number: ACS800 series drive

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
    Price: neogiated
    Packaging Details: 100% original new
    Delivery Time: 2 days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 100 unit
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    Detailed Product Description

    ACS800 series drive catalogue

    ACS800 Premium Industrial Drives

    The complete lines of ABB ACS800 Industrial Drives are robust yet flexible drives designed for all industrial applications. The ACS800 drive offering covers a wide range of powers and voltages, including voltages up to 690V and is designed with current ratings to be used in any industrial environment for applications requiring high overload ability. Available in a single drive unit, Cabinet Built configuration and chassis style power module as well as active font end Ultra Low Harmonic and 4 Quadrant Regenerative versions the ACS800 is poised to meet and exceed any application and packaging requirements. The heart of the drive is DTC, Direct Torque Control, which provides high performance and significant benefits such as accurate static and dynamic speed and torque control, high starting torque and use of long motor cables. Installation and configuration is made fast and easy with intuitive programmability, standard and optional Control Macros providing a set of ready-made control solutions for many applications as well as numerous options such as Extended I/O, Communications Protocols and PC based configuration and monitoring tools.

    ACS800 series drive
    ACS800 series drive

    ACS800 Single Drives


    ACS800-U1 Wall Mount Drive

    ACS800 series drive

    The ACS800-U1 offers all that you need in a single, extremely small, wall-mounted package making it a compact and complete drive. Power ratings start from 1HP heavy-duty rating and go up to 200HP continuous load rating. There are seven different mechanical frame sizes covering the power range. Each frame size is optimized for performance, size and weight. From the smallest to the largest ACS800-U1 there is an extensive range of built in features and options. Standard features include an AC Line Choke for harmonic filtering and drive protection, extensive and flexible I/O, user-friendly control panel with Start-up Assistant feature and a silent, long lifetime cooling fan. A Braking Chopper is included as standard in the two smallest frame sizes R2 and R3 as well as in the 690V R4 frame. In other frames the chopper is a built in option. Other built in options include EMC filters and extension modules for additional I/O, communications and pulse encoder interface modules.


    ACS800-02 Free-Standing Drive

    ACS800 series drive

    The ACS800-02 single drive is a unique, extremely compact bookshelf-style unit with a new innovative free-standing enclosure. The power ratings start from 125HP heavy duty rating and go up to 600HP continuous load rating. The ACS800-02 drive is extremely compact without sacrificing user-friendliness. When using bookshelf mounting, even side-by-side installation is possible. In addition to bookshelf mounting, the ACS800-02 offers the possibility for flat type (sideways) mounting, making it possible to optimize depth instead of width. The ACS800-02 has an extensive selection of built-in features and options. Standard features include an AC Line Choke for harmonic filtering and drive protection, extensive and flexible I/O, user friendly control panel with Start-up assistant feature and a silent, long lifetime cooling fan. Built-in options include EMC filters, brake chopper, common mode filter for motor protection and extension modules for additional I/O, communications and pulse encoder interface. An enclosure extension option is also available for incoming apparatus, further enhancing the versatility of the drive.


    ACS800-07 Cabinet-Built Drive

    ACS800 series drive

    The ACS800-07 is built in a robust cabinet designed for heavy industrial applications. The ACS800-07 offers a wide variety of standardized configurations to adapt to different application requirements, from line contactor to prevention of unexpected motor start, or ATEX-approved motor protections. If your application requires more, special features can be added to the standard product such as an additional cabinet for customer specific devices to ensure exact suitability for the application. The drives up to 600HP are based on a compact single module including rectifier and inverter. Larger drives consist of separate rectifier and inverter modules, which have plug-in power connectors providing easy maintenance and redundancy with parallel connected units. If one module becomes defective, the drive can continue running with reduced power after disconnecting the faulty module. The rectifier module of the larger drives provides 6- or 12-pulse operation. The ACS800-07 has an extensive range of built-in features and options. Typical option choices include extended I/O and communications options, line contactor, EMC filtering, common mode filtering and du/dt output filtering, all mountable within the single cabinet.


    ACS800-31 Low Harmonic Wall Mount Drive

    ACS800 series drive

    There is increasing concern among end users and power companies about the harmful effects of harmonics. Harmonic distortion may disturb or even damage sensitive equipment connected in the same environment and also cause additional losses in the network. Harmonic standards are thus becoming stricter and there is a growing demand for low harmonic solutions. ABB low harmonic drives offer an easy low harmonic solution incorporated in the drive without the need for additional filtering equipment or complicated multi-pulse transformer arrangements. The ACS800-31 low harmonic drive is a single, complete wall-mounted package. It has an active supply unit and low harmonic line filter integrated in the drive resulting in less cabling and installation work on site. This compact drive package has extremely low line harmonics and thus meets the strictest harmonic standards without any need for additional filtering equipment. Due to the active supply unit it always operates with power factor 1. In line with the ACS800 series, an extensive range of external options are available including EMC filters and extension modules for additional I/O.

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    ACS800-37 Low Harmonic Cabinet-Built Drive

    ACS800 series drive

    ABB low harmonic drives offer an easy low harmonic solution incorporated in the drive. The ACS800-37 is a low harmonic drive in the cabinet-built power range and is equipped with a built-in active supply unit and low harmonic line filter resulting in exceptionally low harmonic content that meets the requirements set by IEEE519 even in the weakest network. In addition, the ACS800-37 always operates with power factor 1. This simple, compact design avoids the need for passive or active external filtering methods. Harmonic performance is better than with 12- and 18-pulse transformer solutions as the ACS800-37 handles online imbalance and other shortcomings in the network and does not require a dedicated transformer. The overall result is a more effective solution with a more simple installation in terms of cabling arrangements and required floor space. As with other ACS800 cabinet-built drives, the ACS800-37 offers a wide variety of standardized configurations to adapt to different application requirements and has an extensive range of built-in features and accessories. The smart module concept enables easy maintenance and redundancy in the high power range. 


    ACS800-11 Regenerative Wall Mount Drive

    ACS800 series drive

    The ACS800-11 is a wall-mounted drive equipped with active supply unit and offers a full performance regenerative drive in one compact package. All the functions of a regenerative drive, such as active supply unit, LCL line filter and charging circuitry, are integrated inside the drive. All this makes it possible to save installation time and space on site, and also prevents installation mistakes as the drive is tested at the factory as a complete package. The regenerative drive offers significant energy savings compared with other braking methods such as mechanical and resistor braking, as energy is fed back to the network. No external brake resistor is needed, which translates into simplified installation and no wasted heat. The ACS800-11 has extensive selection of built-in features as well as built-in and external options.


    ACS800-17 Regenerative Cabinet-Built Drive

    ACS800 series drive

    The ACS800-17 offers you a complete regenerative drive in a single, compact cabinet-built package. The drive includes everything that is needed for regenerative operation, including line filter. The active supply unit allows full power flow both in motoring and generating modes. Compared with other braking methods such as mechanical and resistor braking, the energy savings can be significant with the ACS800-17 as the braking energy is returned to the network, not wasted as heat. As no external devices are needed, installation work is simple and the space requirement for installation is less. The ACS800-17 is especially suitable for demanding applications as transition between motoring and generating is fast due to the DTC control method. The active supply unit is able to boost output voltage, which guarantees full motor voltage even when the supply voltage is below nominal. The active supply unit combined with the DTC control can even compensate for fast variations in line voltage. There is no risk of fuse blow or component damage due to voltage drops in the network. Adaptation to different application requirements is possible by selecting from a wide range of standardized configurations. The cabinet-built drive series enables having a significant amount of features and accessories as built-in options.


    ACS800 Drive Modules and Multidrives


    ACS800-04/04M Single Drive Modules

    ACS800 series drive

    The ACS800-04/04M is a single drive module that includes everything required for a complete drive system and are optimized for building into customers’ own cabinets. With a number of standard and optional features such as built-in chokes for harmonic filtering as standard as well as built-in braking chopper and EMC filtering (both are optional in some frame sizes) the ACS800-04/04M has been designed to minimize cabinet space, make cabinet assembly easy and give maximum system flexibility. The flexibility and programmability of the ACS800-04/04M modules, coupled with a variety of I/O and communications options, makes them highly viable for various application needs in different areas of industry. All drive modules, regardless of the power and voltage, have the same customer interface and I/O making system design, assembly and training easier. The R2 - R6 frame size units (2HP – 200HP) are designed for cabinet wall mounting while frame size R7 and R8 modules (60HP up to 600HP) have a very narrow bookshelf design which allows mounting either on the cabinet wall or floor and to optimize the use of the cabinet space, most of the ACS800-04/04M modules can be mounted side by side.



    ACS800 Multidrives

    ACS800 series drive

    ABB Multidrives are built from ABB industrial drive inverter modules connected to a common DC bus supplied by a rectifier supply module. ABB multidrive modules are designed to be installed into cabinets and can be freely connected in parallel for higher output current. This means a limited number of different module sizes and fewer spare parts therefore a lower cost of ownership. The highly flexible and compact Multidrives solution enables a single power entry and common braking resources for several drives. Common braking includes the possibility for regenerative braking and motor-to-motor braking depending on the motor loads in the line-up. This construction simplifies the total installation and results in many benefits such as savings in cabling, reduced installation and maintenance costs, reduced line currents to name a few. Several types of modules are available. Diode supply modules using 6- and 12-pulse configuration as well as an IGBT supply module for low harmonic operation convert the AC supply from the mains into a DC supply for the inverter modules that contain all the drive technology required. Besides the flexibility and compact design, the new ACS800 Multidrive modules include an extensive selection of options.


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