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PWS6000 series

    • PWS6000 series
    • PWS6000 series
  • PWS6000 series

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: Made in Japan
    Brand Name: PROFACE
    Certification: All goods we supply are 100% original factory sealed with 1 year warranty!
    Model Number: PWS6000 series

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
    Price: neogiated
    Packaging Details: 100% original new
    Delivery Time: 2 days
    Payment Terms: T/T
    Supply Ability: 100 unit
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    Detailed Product Description

    PWS6000 series
    Product Description

    PWS6300S-S3', MONO, basic
    PWS6310S-S3', MONO, basic
    PWS6400F-S3.3', MONO, basic
    PWS6500S-S4.7', MONO, basic
    PWS6560S-S4.7' MONO, basic, key
    PWS6560S-S 4.7', MONO, basic, with keyboard
    PWS6600S-S5.7', MONO, basic
    PWS5610S-S5.7' ,MONO, basic
    PWS5610T-S5.7' , MONO, basic
    PWS6600S-P5.7', MONO, plus
    PWS6600S-N5.7', MONO, netwoks
    PWS6600T-S5.7' colors,basic
    PWS6600T-P5.7' colors,plus
    PWS6600C-N5.7' colors, networks
    PWS6620S-P5.7‘, mono,plus, support CF card
    PWS6620S-N5.7‘,mono, networks, support CF card
    PWS6620T-P (TFT)5.7‘,colors,plus, support CF card
    PWS6620T-N (TFT)5.7‘ ,colors, networks, support CF card
    PWS6700T-P (TFT)7‘, colors,plus, support CF card
    PWS6700T-N (TFT)7‘, colors, networks, support CF card
    PWS6800C-P7.5‘,colors,plus, support CF card
    PWS6800C-N7.5‘, colors, networks, support CF card
    PWS6A00F-P10.4‘,mono,plus, support CF card
    PWS6A00T-P (TFT)10.4‘, colors,plus, support CF card
    PWS6A00T-N (TFT)10.4‘, colors, networks, support CF card
    SOFT PANELconfiguration software
    Specifications︰Operator terminals matching your specifi c needs
    The PWS-series offers valuable HMI functionality at an affordable level. The series include keypad and
    touch screen interfaces and is available in fi ve different sizes from 3 to 10.4 inches. Offering three
    levels of functionality – Standard, Plus and Network — the PWS-series enables you to select and pay
    for what level of HMI technology you need.
    Advantages︰Configuration software for the PWS-terminal
    The ADP software is a versatile and intuitive HMI configuration
    software. It has been created with users in mind and is
    ideal for machine builders and system integrators. With
    flexible tools that allow projects to be created in minutes,
    ADP is the perfect software to create simple or complex projects.
    The configuration software is available free of charge on
    Screen management
    The ”Screen Manager” function makes project management easy
    and enables the configurator to always oversee the entire project.
    It is possible to select between thumbnail and detailed zoomed
    views, allowing for dynamic screens to be created and viewed.
    Ideal for project cutting and pasting, browsing, editing
    and co-ordinating the operator terminal screens
    Ensures fast and easy project creation
    Cross references
    ”Cross Reference” is a feature that enables the configurator
    to easily handle project tags, objects and signals. These can
    quickly be located and listed to get an overview of where and
    how they are used. If data has to be changed, it can be made
    in the tag list and the data will then automatically be changed
    everywhere else in the project.
    The list has up to 3 windows, giving a complete
    project overview
    Sort the Cross Reference list by screen number,
    screen name, tag name or controller address
    Locate objects and change parameters directly from the list
    Off-line and on-line simulation
    In order to save valuable time and money at on-site commissioning, The ADP software provides
    powerful ”Off-line and On-line Simulation”. This allows for the HMI project to be thoroughly tested
    either just on a PC, or by combining the HMI with a PC to comprehensively test HMI and controller
    reactions, communications etc.
    Off-line simulation allows the developer to quickly test the entire
    project and verify the overall functionality of screens and alarms
    On-line simulation proves the communication and the functionality
    of the host controller, such as a PLC or inverter
    Multi-language support
    Making it easy for manufacturers who export all over the world, multi-language support allows the
    configurator to develop pro jects that can be used basically anywhere. With this setup within the
    HMI, to change languages is just a switch away. The language can also be changed during normal
    operation so that each operator can decide what language to use.
    Develop the application in up to 5 different languages
    Switch languages freely during normal operation
    Multi-channel communication
    Multi-channel communication is a unique feature that allows a different controller to be connected
    on each serial or Ethernet port. This flexible communications solution not only saves on buying
    multiple HMIs, but also removes the need for expensive
    protocol converters.
    Connect a controller to each available port either
    via serial or Ethernet connection
    Move values between the drivers via macros
    Use values from several controllers in calculations

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